Divine Executive Concierge Inc. is a Toronto-based concierge working with clients that span throughout North America and growing.

Time is money!

We understand the true meaning of life balance and time-management and value your time, talent, and efforts by offering full-service planning and assisting.

Let us look after the details so you can focus on YOU. 


Our professional team of experts are diverse creative thinkersproblem solvers, and service-oriented individuals who understand the true meaning of life balance and time management. Together, we have successfully helped hundreds of families, top executives, and entrepreneurs eliminate their ever growing to-do lists. We believe in building long term lasting relationships with our customers.

Our global mission is to lend a helping hand and continually offer a multitude of lifestyle management services designed to simplify your day.

It's your turn for success.


Marsha Watson-O'Mara built the foundation of Divine Executive Concierge Inc. in 2002.


As a wife, mother, and giver, her years of success in the industry has always been based on the passion to helping others and making life easier. She delivers with a pure heart, integrity, and love.


Her inspiration to create Divine Executive came from overwhelming positive outreach and the vision to see others thrive and succeed. Trained as an Accounting Specialist, Marsha has a unique 20+ years in personal concierge, event planning, virtual assistance and gift basket creation.

Meet the Founder

Marsha Watson-O'Mara

"Lending a helping hand uplifts people's spirit especially during challenging times. It releases positivity, fulfillment, happiness, and love to the people around me. When I help others, seeing them content and stress-free is worth more than a dozen diamonds, money cannot buy that feeling. I have come to realize on my journey that helping others is the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced. There aren’t a lot of things I can ever do that can match the feeling I get when I help someone in some positive way. Sometimes, we just need someone to show us some compassion and kindness" ​